Corporate Sand art

Manisha Swarnkar is professional sand artist and elevate your brand message through stunning sand animations, sand drawing and create wedding invitation video.

Whether it be journey of a company, a product launch , a family day event or about a milestone achieved , we are here to create brilliant Corporate sand art for you. It can either be a customized video form that beautifully captures the essence of the story or a live act leaving a lasting impression on the employees and stakeholders.

The process of creating Corporate Sand Art is a meticulous one. Starting with the ideation, the brainstorming sessions we come up with the rough digital storyboard, shaping the thoughts into visuals that could convey the idea and finally creating the masterpiece with tiny grains of sand ,live in front of your eyes.

The beauty of Corporate Sand Art lies in its adaptability. Whether it be showcasing a product’s evolution or depicting the future vision, Award ceremonies, annual meetings it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the client

Let it be the signature of your next corporate event, leaving a lasting impression on all who attend