Live sand art

Manisha Swarnkar is performing Live sand art since 11 years . Since sand art is a rare art form which is pursued by few artists, witnessing live sand art itself is an experience .

Live sand art is mainly used for storytelling either it be in corporate world or private functions. Corporate sand art includes Journey of the company , Product Launches , Logo Reveal , Award functions, Family day, Annual day event etc. If its a private function it can be Journey of a person, a couple , their birthday, Anniversary , or a gift by someone on such special occasion.

Live sand art has the ability to engage audiences on a profound level with the continuous depiction of sand drawing supported by music or sometimes voiceover. With its ability to enchant and emotionally connect with audiences, this art form continues to evolve and captivate viewers around the world.

There is a process and lot of practice behind Live sand art. First the idea is discussed as per the requirement or as per the expectations , then the visualization is done by the art of what all and how it is possible to depict particular scenario or element in sand. Once the visualization is done , storyboard (rough layouts on pen- paper or digitally) is created to share the idea of layout and elements which will appear in sand one after the other. After fixing on the storyboard the final practice starts and if there is a script or voice over then after Sand drawing practice the narration along with music is placed and synchronized with sand art act . Once everything is in sync the final performance happens at the venue.