Sand Artist in Delhi – Manisha Swarnkar

Are you looking for a unique and captivating way to elevate your event in Delhi? Sand art is an amazing way to mesmerize your audience.

Manisha Swarnkar
Manisha Swarnkar

Our Sand artist in Delhi , Manisha Swarnkar is the one who magically weaves your stories with tiny grains of sand . Her Magical fingers create breathtaking visuals that portrays a story beautifully over a lightbox.

Why Choose Sand art for your event ?

Sand art is a unique art form that is slowly and steadily finding a warm space in the event industry. Here is why you should hire a sand artist for your upcoming event:

Creating a memorable event: Because of its uniqueness, sand-art acts are quite special, and one such act has the power to make the entire evening memorable and extraordinary. So hire a good sand-artist who understands just how special your event and your story is.

Versatility of the event: As mentioned earlier, sand art finds its place in every sphere of the event industry – from corporate journey to a golden jubilee celebration of a couple, from product launch to a wedding story, sand art is one art form that can add much value to any event anywhere and anytime.

Customized: Where most of the other live entertainment act are repetitive, Manisha Swarnkar’s each act is customized as per the event so the audience feel very much connected to it. The purpose of customization is to tell the story, Sand art has great potential to depict the story since the transition of the drawings keeps happening while performing it. Manisha carefully choses the visuals that can narrate the entire story sometimes even without help of audio.

A unique way to tell a story: Sand-art is an emerging and perhaps the most unique way to tell A story – your story. The story of your love, the story of your start-up, the story of your wedding, the story of your dad achieving milestones on his 50th birthday, the story of your mom being the foundation of her entire family on her silver jubilee celebration. And every story is special and impactful if told right.

Easy availability of the tech-rider: The technical requirements of a sand-art are usually very easy as compared to any other similar visual presentation act. A display screen, a glass and few easily arranged things and your audience is ready to take home one of the most memorable experiences of their lives.

Rare ART: This is one of the rare, trending and beautiful acts that audience can witness. There are very few good artist in India, in fact across the world and Manisha is the only Sand artist in Delhi who is an expertise in this art.

Other Purpose of sand art

Gifting – Manisha has created numerous videos for gifting purpose on Client’s Request. Whether it be a birthday gift , an Anniversary gift , Gift for a friend , Gift for celebrities , or for Politicians.

Other Videos: As per client’s requirement , she has created several videos of House warming Invitation , Baby arrival video, Baby Name Reveal Video, Karna Chedan video. First wedding Night gift ,

Wedding Invitations: These days, rather than going for the most common digital wedding invite, people are preferring Sand art which is captivating and an experience for the viewers . It serves the purpose well , whether it be introduction of the couple, the family , the story of how they met , their special meets or memories and at last the event details.

Creating videos on sensitive or confidential content: In past few years, Sand artist Manisha has created many videos for Indian Army which are highly confidential. Since its not possible to have the scenario of war or related things captured, on mere explanation of the situation and few references , she has created the entire short film.

Workshops – Workshops are the best way to try on your hand on this material to experience its flow and how drawings can be done through it. Sand artist Manisha has conducted many workshops in colleges Including, IIT Bombay, Vishwakarma University pune, Poornima University Jaipur and few more in past. Now she has started taking workshops online as well. Manisha Is the only sand artist in Delhi who takes sand art workshops.

So if you are looking for an expert sand artist in Delhi , you can fully trust and hire Manisha Swarnkar It will be a worthy experience.