Sand Drawing Artist in India

Sand drawing is also know as sand art and sand illustration . It is the fascinating art form in which we draw with fine colorful sand grains on the top of a smooth well lit surface from behind .Since we cannot preserve the drawing so mainly its created one after the other which gives an immense scope to the artist to tell a story, use beautiful transitions and create imaginative drawings. Sand drawing or illustrations when photographed can also be used in Children book illustrations or can be framed as Portrait of a person in sand or so

Manisha Swarnkar has a sense of visualization of how a certain thing can be depicted in sand using the positive and negative space on the sand board in best way. Artist with Sand Drawing skills showcase their talent in the form of live performance along with music and sometimes a voice over to tell a story in both audio visual way or other ways to enhance the overall experience for spectators.

Sand drawing has potential to portray sensitive matters that occurs globally. For showcasing or narrating something through sand art, couple of sand drawings are practiced keeping in mind the possibility of transitions between one frame to another in sequence , and the final practiced flow is showcased in front of audience in the form of live performance that get displayed on LED screen or projector during events.